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If you guys connect through IP or you would like to change the IP on your favorites list then you can use the new IP:
This thread will contain all minor updates for Minecraft.

Added as of 9/16/15.

Coordinates are rough estimates(real coordinates are being grabbed, then randomized numbers are being added to them within a specific range). You can purchase a user's rough coordinates if you have compromised their faction's server.

Oh, right. You'll be able to "hack" into other factions and destroy them from within.

I haven't ran this thread by anyone, so if it gets deleted, that'll be why.

Anyways, I get asked 5-10 times a day on Teamspeak about Minecraft. When it's launching, what it will have, what ranks can we expect, etc. It's getting on my nerves having to answer the same seemingly routine questions on the daily, which is the primary reason for me making this thread.

What are you working on right now?
Right now, Watson's been working on getting OP Prison configured properly. I think he's close to being done. Factions is currently up and playable. The players as of now are all stream viewers "beta" testing the server. I'm fairly sure the map will be changing upon official release, though.

KitPvP is up and nearing completion. The plugins running on KitPvP are all entirely custom and exclusive to Darth. You won't find them anywhere else. It's not Pay to win like nearly every other Kit server, and is ran off of a soup-based system.

I have an idea, want to hear it?
Honestly, unless it's thought out, no, I don't. I've had several people come to me with an "AMAZING" idea, that turned out to be absolutely terrible. If you have an idea, great! I'd love to hear it. But only if you think about it for a while, and after that, if you still think it's a good idea, we should talk.

I've not spoken with Watson about an official release date, but I think that conversation is coming soon. I had originally thought we would be ready to launch about two weeks ago, but clearly we weren't. With my computer being... out of commission, it's definitely put a damper on things. But plans are still going ahead and I will hopefully have a new computer soon.

Also, feel free to ask ANY questions on this thread regarding Minecraft.
We will be having a sale for the long weekend and holiday. Go check out our store at https://darthgaming.net/donate/. The sale will end on Tuesday the 9th.

Thank you to those who supported and continue to support our servers, we appreciate every donation.
So, there has been a lot of abuse lately on the servers and I want that to stop now.

If you see any staff member abusing and you get proof of it, they will be instantly demoted if severe. They will be given 2 warnings if minor.​

Disrespect also is not tolerated, especially to other staff members. If you are disrespecting anyone as a staff member, you will be given 2 warnings then demotion.
Common Sense
It is required to have common sense to be part of our staff team. This means you must think logically before taking action on things. This means don't do something unless it's obviously allowed, and if you don't know if it's allowed then ask a higher up. If you are a higher up staff member and are unsure of something, consult the Server Manager or Community Managers and whatever they say goes. You will be given 3 warnings before demotion for common sense rules.

You are flinging around players. Head Admin talks to it about you and gives you a warning. Your response is "I didn't know, don't give me a warning..." That is not a proper response because you should've asked a higher up before flinging players, and it's obviously abuse to do that anyways.​

These rules apply to all staff on any server. They are to be enforced by management of any sort (Head Admin, Community Manager, etc...). 1 warning will be taken away every month.

If you ever question an action you are about to do then ask a higher up and make sure it is fine.

This rule is to be enforced from this date forward, 8/21/15. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

The last watching you get is the punishment.