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Nomad Networks Garry's Mod Community

Anyone interested in improving your forum account's vulnerability by adding a second layer of security, we have now added Two-Step Authentication. If you're confused what Two-factor Authentication is then read more here.
Follow these steps if you want to use this:
  1. Go to https://www.darthgaming.net/account/two-step
  2. Make sure you checked the box to enable.
  3. Download the Google Authenticator (Android / iOS) App.
  4. Go back to your web browser on the two-factor page and click "Add New Key"
  5. Description can be set to anything.
  6. Open up the Google Authenticator app and click the "+" sign.
  7. Scan the QR code on that page.
  8. Follow the steps on the page and you're done.
Other Updates:
+ Added Website Ranks. You can find them here.
+ Festive Website
+ Fixed Ban List
+ Performance fixes.
+ More smilies! :pompus:
Thank you for reading, if you have any other questions then feel free to ask them.
Due to the large amount of factions that are in the server currently and the players request, we have come to the conclusion to raise the price of obtaining a faction. That being said, the faction price will be raised from 250 USD to 325 USD. This price increase will be implemented on December 27th and will remain that price, unless we all conclude otherwise. This conclusion has been determined by the overall population and as a result has been implemented to cater to public demand.

I apologize for any issues with this increase, and if you need clarification on anything please feel free to ask!

Thank you,

To honor those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces, we are having a 20% off Sale until the end of Sunday the 15th. Veterans Day is a very important holiday in this community, especially since Jesture served in the Army, and also because we're a military based server.

I would like to thank anyone here who served in any part of the Armed Forces and make sure to have a happy holiday!

- Watson

If you are apart of other servers and show to be more active there then expect to be demoted. If this doesn't apply to you then disregard this message.
Throughout the past few months, we've noticed that the player count has gone up and we would like to take that into appreciation and thank those who chose to stick with us. To do that, we will provide everyone a sale from now until the 1st of October to help those who can't necessarily afford the prices of donation item or those who continue to support us.

Thank you,
Watson & Jesture