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Nomad Networks Garry's Mod Community

Hello My name is Koinn and I am now starting an weekly thing that I put everything the community has done and updated in a week so all of you members that Do not know what has happen and wants to get caught up to date can look here!

First of I want to put my new video of me talking about Darth once again and where we are now!
Here is the link:

=------Weekly Update Notes 1/24/16 DarthGaming------=​

New weekly Update notes every sunday
New Banner
Update peoples Staff ranks to what they needed

New DarthGaming Icon
New DarthGaming Banner

Were Still looking for Experinced Video Editors and Recorders For Youtube Speak to Koinn For more Info
Were Also Looking for Streamers to stream on Our Channel, Speak to Koinn For more Info

OpPvP v1 Gamemode Finshed and Live
Factions Updated with New Plugins:
1. Parachutes
2. Custom Plugin made by Desinty #Secret
OpPrison: Nothing
Hub: New Spawn Possibly "Look out for that"
Staff Apps Are now open Speak to Desinty

New Map 50% Done
Addons that is not needed is planned to be Deleted
In Progress in boosting peoples FPS in the server while there are 40-60 players on
Fixing Vechials By the time the new map is out.

Money Reset feb 1st
All Big huge props BlackListed


Congrants To These list of people on being accepted into Our Staff team or As been Promoted!

Retro as a new Community Manager!
Kierzer as a new Community Manager!
Koinn as our new Dev!
Patrick Wallace as our new Dev!
Destinty for Getting Head-Admin On The MC Server!
Vista for getting Head-Admin on DarkRP!
Alpha for getting Admin on DarkRP
Bob Horton for Getting Admin on the MC!
Magik for Getting Mod on the MC!
Micheal Peterson for getting mod on MC!
TaterTot for getting Mod on MC!...
Watson and I are strong leaders..capable of accomplishing almost the most difficult task...however it is you who make it all possible. Through unity and motivation this community can do anything... The United States is a very powerful nation through the same unity! Think about it, through dedication, strong motivation, and great leadship/the right guidance we all can accomplish the unthinkable. The passed couple of months you all have made me realize how strong we can all be when we stick together! No foe could break us or hurt this community because of you all as a united community. I am so proud of each and every one of you. You all should be proud of your accomplishments. Watson and I cannot express our gratitude enough.... so with that said, through me I grant you the ability to use the army battle cry that is exclusive to soldiers, and that is "hooah!". You have earned that my fellow Darth soldiers... your dedication mimics those in the service. Be proud of who you are and the values you have gained here in our community! So with that said, post your response in honor of our new Darth United mindset and let me hear that loud HOOAH!!! Only darth can protect itself in numbers and dedication! No one can bring us down, if you fuck with one of us, you fuck with all of us!!!!!
So, we found that we like you guys, and should give you guys a chance to own some of the items we currently are providing at a discounted rate.

Enjoy the 20% off player appreciation sale starting now until the 28th!

I hope you all take advantage of this sale and enjoy the rest of your week!

Darth Management.
Official Fundraiser

This holiday season we will be having a donation sale! This sale will be 25% off until January 2nd 2016! Our goal to reach is $1,500, The reason we are setting a goal is because at the $1,000 mark we will be donating $300 dollars to a charity that helps out wounded warriors. Once we hit the $1,500 mark we will be opening a clothing shop with a few designs down below, more designs are on their way and are currently being worked on!

The sale is on until January 2nd!!
You will get 25% off on all packages on the donate store.
You can visit the donate page by clicking HERE!