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Updates Map Updated
Hello everyone Koinn here, I will like too say that the Map was not the super best like we were expecting and I am sorry for that, We will be making a vote soon on the map to keep or leave, I would like too say that we may have seen the map in a bad spot that was a bump in the road and it helped me fixed a lot of things in the map.

i would like to say Thank you everyone that was there at the event, and was on the map when it wasn't working. I am also happy for everyone options and report of bugs that made this update come out fast!

Whats fixed?
Fixed Shadows
Fixed civ town floating blocks
Fixed the under river
fixed Taliban town textures "You cant see threw them now"
Fixed spawns

Whats still needs to be fix, added, or changed
Add more doors
Continue improving buildings
improve textures
Add more buildings too fill in gaps

FPS problems?
The map is not the problem for people Fps problems, It is addons that we have on the server and we will go threw the addons and get rid of them when we can!
Release NEW MRP Map!
Hello for a whole mouth of everyone asking and talking about the map. I have finally finished it and we are now LIVE on it. This hole week i stayed up till 4 in the morning everyday for you guys can enjoy this map as much has I did in single player!

This is only Version 1 of the map so updates will come along to the community when I do them. Everything is not 100% perfect and there will be bugs, IF you see any bugs or problem, let me know and ill put them in a list.

Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=613355160
Everyone is to register on www.darthrealms.net. If you are staff, then no acceptions.

Thank you for helping us!
Official Staff Hierarchy
Since being Community Manager I have noticed a lot of things, such as who people are going to. ​
Whenever I am on the Teamspeak, people are telling me to get onto MRP and to deal with their reports. I made this Staff Hierarchy so that people know who to go to first.

The link to the Hierarchy is here: Click Here
Updates Server Wars
So, I came up with an idea.... server vs server war where we propose a friendly competition against other servers in a TDM setting hosted on a neutral server. War would last all day and each team would have to capture the president for a period of time. Respawns, would be unlimited and tanks / aircraft would be allowed. Server owners would act as the generals leading you into battle. President could be a custom script that would follow on command. +1 or -1 this, lemme know what you all would think..we would go after varsity first :p and who better to lead you into battle than watson and ofcourse an actual soldier like myself who did this shit irl eh?