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First and foremost, let me just say, Darth Gaming is Not Dying.

All of you think that because we don't have many players on our MRP, that we are dying. Well let me just say, you are completely wrong. We still have users on the Teamspeak, we still have players on Minecraft and FR:RP, so we aren't dying. Darth has been through 10x worse, and I was there for it, yet I stayed around, and so did Kierzer (Which is how we are where we are now). Back in early 2015, Darth Gaming only had a Dark RP, and a WIP Minecraft, which was not that good. After Christmas and New Years, Darth RP lost half of its playerbase. Around a month later, Darth Gaming lost 5 high ranking staff members, and this isn't even the worst part. 3 weeks later, we started an HL2 RP. 1 week after its opening, Darth RP went down, now we are left standing with the HL2 RP and the WIP Minecraft. 2 weeks later, our HL2 RP goes down, we are only left with the Minecraft. Many staff leave Darth at this time, saying stuff like "Darth is dead." "We aren't ever coming back from this." And many thought that Darth was never going to come back. But little did they know, we were already planning to come back. July 2015, Darth Gaming launches a Military Roleplay server, 40+ players per day. We are getting donations from many people supporting the community, and we manage to start up a Deathrun Server and a Clonewars RP server. A few weeks later Deathrun goes down, and Clonewars goes down, staff leave again. BUT WE DIDN'T GIVE UP. We kept pushing and pushing our MC, and our MRP still had a good amount of players. Then finally we get MC out, and our FR:RP server out. And our MRP is having issues because of addons. But that doesn't mean we are dying. Darth doesn't just die when things get tough. We don't just keel over into a grave and die a fast death, leaving all of the players. We stay and we work...​
I usually don't do this, however you all have left me no choice. Everyone, I meen EVERYONE is required to attend this meeting. No one is exempt. Meeting time is at 7 pm eastern. I hope to see all levels of management. Discussing important issues pertaining to community well being, and restructuring of our staff / power in the community. You will be given a role to where you are not to step outside your means. We have future plans on making a bigger / better Darth. So don't be that person who doesn't make it.

Thank you.
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due to a recent update from the Garry's mod developers, The use of any anti cheat has been removed untill further notice. This is a message that has been received from NFO and will hopefully help you understand:
"The Garry's Mod update today changed the way the game handles anti-cheat addons. Because of this, most or all 3rd-party anti-cheat systems need to be disabled/removed to allow clients to connect without crashing.

The update has also affected how the game handles materials and sounds, causing some users to see missing materials or have broken sounds, depending on how the developer of each addon handled materials and sounds being applied through the addon. A hotfix is slated for release by Facepunch in the near future, but an exact date has yet to be confirmed by the Garry's Mod developers."

The servers are being fixed at this very moment. Currently MRP is up and I am quickly working on FR:RP. I apologize for the amount of time it took to sort this issue out. I was not aware till about 8pm where I figured out the issue.

Thank you all for being so patient in the matter and I hope you have a Darth Day.

-Patrick Wallace
DG Senior Global Developer
The FR:RP server has finally opened and we will be having a Flash Sale.
There will be a 15% off sale until Monday for the FR:RP server! (It goes by fast, so don't miss it!)
I want to thank everyone for all the support for the success of this new server, and don't forget to have fun! :pompus:
From here on in, if you are a staff member MC or not, you are to assist in moderating the MC forums. MC staff need to be on MC no matter what, however every staff member must partake in the website moderation on darthrealms.net. Please, for the sake of the minecraft server, assist in this matter.. Thank You.