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We'll make a detailed post explaining what HR exactly is to prevent confusion. Just to clarify to everyone a few things so that you're not confused:
- HR Supervisor is in charge of daily operations that the HR Team goes through. It DOES NOT have infinite power like many people think.
- HR works as a board of members to make demotions and promotions more fair, so that people ARE NOT unfairly demoted.
- It brings a more advanced complaint system, so that WE CAN ACTUALLY HANDLE reports on staff in a more organized fashion.
- HR is being guided by not just the supervisor, but the owners as well. We will make sure it does what it's intended to do and make sure the supervisor has the same vision as us.
- HR supervisor is a tough job, they DON'T just demote people and they CAN'T just demote people without all board members agreement AND sufficient complaints against someone.

More will be added soon, please do not judge the rank and the capabilities until we are fully setup and running. The HR group is currently in development and IS NOT ENACTED right now. We will post soon with further details. The supervisor has done a great job in progress so far and is useful to the progression of the team.

- Watson & William

I know many of you are feeling that HR is useless or that it is biased of some sort. I was highly against HR, that the leader was unfairly chosen. However, let us give HR a chance and the person leading it. Her job is to make sure the HR team is doing its job that is all. This is to make sure staff are not unfairly demoted or unfairly promoted too. That staff do not abuse and HR are there to monitor staff like a referee. So, before jumping to conclusion just ask questions and figure out all the information.
Staff Training Session Times
@Gaz and I will be holding mandatory staff training sessions, you must attend or you will be punished. You are going to learn many things and trained to be the best possible staff member you possibly can be.
Managers / Head Admins, you are responsible for informing all of your staff team about this, failure to do so will result in punishment

Link to spread sheet

Time Zone Converter

  • Manager / HA | 1/4/17 | 6:00 PM | Eastern Standard Time
  • Santos | 1/5/17 | 6:00 PM | Eastern Standard Time
  • Global | 1/6/1 | 6:00 PM | Eastern Standard Time
  • Military | 1/7/17 | 6:00 PM | Eastern Standard Time
  • Vietnam | 1/8/17 | 6:00 PM | Eastern Standard Time
  • Civil War | 1/9/17 | 6:00 PM | Eastern Standard Time
  • WW1 | 1/10/17 | 6:00 PM | Eastern Standard Time
  • Wild West | 1/11/17 | 6:00 PM | Eastern Standard Time
  • Half Life 2 | 1/12/17 | 6:00 PM | Eastern Standard Time
  • DarkRP | 1/13/17 | 6:00 PM | Eastern Standard Time

We (the Nomad Networks Upper Administration) are holding an All Staff Meeting Wednesday at 8:00 p.m EST.

The following items will be on the agenda:

* Community / Global Issues

Chain of Command

Server Performance and Issues

New Servers

Teamspeak 3 Rules and Regulations

Various other topics

We anticipate the meeting will run into around 9:00pm - 9:30pm EST.

ALL STAFF must stay for the meeting for a discussion that will involve serious changes to Nomad!
Let me know what you think so I can do more content for you all like this! And post what you want for future content. Also, Give it a thumbs up!!!! Thank you, and enjoy!

-Director Team

*Musy Blessed Me