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After a failed attempt from the previous developer(s), I present to you Gears of War RP. The server has features that you won't find in most other servers and is really just a new concept to Garry's Mod in general. Note that being in an Alpha Stage, things may not work correctly and things may change over time. Also note that there isn't much content made for Gears of War on Garry's Mod, so some factions/jobs may be limited in terms of models. If you know how to model, please contact me and we may be able to work something out.

Server IP:

~Alpha Toon
The Clonewars Alpha release will be tonight at 7 EST!
Be sure to invite your friends to come play on the server!
Tomorrow 3/20/17 @8:00 EST There will be a mandatory meeting.
Tomorrow (3/20/17), at 8pm EST. There will be a MANDATORY meeting for everyone who is under the MRP project. People in the CW project I would highly suggest you join this meeting as well.

There will be very important subjects discussed.

If for any reason you will not be able to be at this meeting. Please inform me or Grant.

If you do not inform us of an issue for your attendance and you do not attend you will face potential punishment.

Remember Men. United as One.